Fluorescence spectroscopy can be used to measure bacterial metabolites. These non-invasive measurements permit conclusions to be drawn regarding the bacterial burden. Scientifically-proven correlation measurements (bacterial metabolites vs. existing bacteria) were carried out and documented as part of a research project.

Fluorescence measurements with the freshdetect handheld device thus provide immediate conclusions regarding the microbiological quality of food – such as meat – in a way that is much simpler, cost-effective and faster than typical Petri dish and laboratory tests, which are tedious.

Fluorescence measurements offer a new dimension in food quality monitoring.

device test


The development of a rapid test with practical application for the food industry calls for bundling a variety of special disciplines into a skilled developer team.

The FreshDetect team combines experts from the following areas:

Chemometrics / Algorithms
Capturing and analyzing biological and spectroscopic measurement data requires signal processing and statistical methods, as well as the development of complex mathematical models. Our experts build the bridge between the measurement processes in the food handling operations and the analysis and prediction algorithms used to ascertain the values concealed in the measurement data. The activities of our department are based on years of experience in the areas of data analysis, machine learning, measurement algorithms, software development, digital signal processing and the maintenance and development of spectroscopic and biological databases.

Hardware Development / Spectroscopy

Although modern spectroscopy systems are enormously powerful, adapting them to food inspection applications requires extremely specific designs. In order to have reproducible geometries, and thus comparable optical characteristics, the mechanics and all optical components (laser diodes and measurement optics) must be perfectly matched. Our team of experienced hardware, electronics and optical specialists makes sure this happens.

Microbiology / Food Processing Technology

FreshDetect develops rapid tests that are incorporated directly into the food industry’s processes. That means the tests must supply reliable results outside controlled laboratory environments. When developing our rapid tests, our team of experts rely on their own practical food industry know-how to take into account the operational conditions and factors that can potentially influence and disrupt food tests.


Added to that is a network of production and quality assurance experts who monitor the reliability of our instrument manufacturing processes and the quality of our suppliers. By networking these skills and working together as a team, we can offer rapid tests for the food industry that are innovative and high-quality, but most of all suitable for real-world environments.