Bacteria count in seconds: the BFD-100 handheld device

The BFD-100 is the world’s first handheld device for determining bacterial contamination in raw meat. The non-invasive, fluorescence spectroscopy measurement ascertains the total viable count (TVC) within seconds, but with a level of accuracy similar to standard microbiological methods. The result is displayed in CFU/cm² . (…) Up to 2,000 measurements can be stored in the device and simultaneously integrated into the existing ERP system via the FD Connector, powered by SLA, and connected to the data stored there. The TVC results are output and saved together with the temperature, date and time of the measurement and a sequential test number.

The device is easy to clean, maintenance-free and simple to calibrate.

Technical data

Details regarding the BFD-100 can be found in our product specification sheet.

Fields of application

The BFD-100 can be used on-site at any point in the meat handling chain to determine the total plate count in pork with the same level of accuracy offered by microbiological laboratory tests. The test thus supplements the monitoring process stipulated in ISO 4833-1:2013 and §64 of the German Foodstuffs and Feed Code (LFGB). Continuous quality assurance testing with the handheld device yields several advantages, including a level of process reliability unavailable to date, rapid detection of (cross-) contamination risks and a sure way to avoid financial losses due to deficient quality.

A wide range of tests were conducted by several independent laboratories and well-known research institutes to verify that the measurements are reliable and provide laboratory-scale accuracy.

A complete overview of the fields of application can be found here