FD Connector

Meat production 4.0: Fully automated data integration with the FD Connector, powered by SLA

The BFD-100 allows, due to its mobility and measurement speed anytime and everywhere the measuring the total viable count (TVC) on raw meat. Now the FD Connector powered by SLA ensures real-time data integration of the measured values into the existing management information system and immediate, worldwide availability of these values on any end device with browser technology on the other.

This intelligent communication ensures coordinated processes along the complete value chain and takes meat producers a big step forward towards digitalization. This involves data availability at all times, which can be optimally used as a basis for decision-making at the business level or in quality management.

Combining fast data capture and smart data integration, the BFD-100 and FD Connector optimized quality assurance for the food industry and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Productflyer and -datasheet

For further information about our product FD Connector, powered by SLA, please refer to our product flyer or data sheet.

“The FD Connector powered by SLA is an optimized component that completes the development of the BFD-100 to meet today’s requirements. Especially in view of digitalisation and Big Data. It is important to integrate data into the processes and to anchor them in quality management, for example. The results are optimised, cost-efficient processes but also high-quality food.”

Dr. Christoph Wienken, Managing Director, FreshDetect GmbH

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