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FreshDetect GmbH - hand-held device freshdetect BFD-100

FreshDetect GmbH in one sentence – We develop and distribute the hand-held measuring device freshdetect BFD-100, which enables foodstuffs (currently meat) to be checked for bacteria (total bacterial count) within seconds, safely and inexpensively, thus enabling for the first time comprehensive and preventive “microbiological” quality and process control from slaughter to meat counter.

FreshDetect GmbH - FD Connector powered by SLA

With the FD Connector powered by SLA, allows an immediate real-time data integration of the data measured with the BFD-100 into the existing management information system and ensures the immediate, worldwide provision of the data on any end device with browser technology.

SZ Wirtschaftsgipfel: 4th place in the SZ founder competition

The SZ Economic Summit annually honours the most innovative founders. After all, founders who develop new ideas are decisive for the future of the German economy. FreshDetect GmbH has reached 4th place among the more than 100 participants and six finalists with its innovative product freshdect BFD-100 in the start-up competition “Gipfelstürmer” in 2017

Science4Life – Winner of the business plan phase (2014)

This business plan competition, which includes participants from all over Germany, demonstrates the level of innovation among startups in the fields of life science and chemistry. In contrast to the general trend toward fewer startups in Germany, participation in Science4Life is high as ever, with 303 entrants, 118 business concepts and 52 detailed business plans. Furthermore, the business plan submissions once again cover a broad spectrum of technologies and applications. While one focal point of this year’s competition is the field of health, ideas related to resource efficiency, materials technology and chemistry are also popular. FreshDetect’s handheld device for the microbiological analysis of food products can examine freshness through transparent packaging as well. That means improved safety for the consumer.

Science4Life – Winner of the concept phase (2014)

The 2014 Science4Life Venture Cup awarded the top ten business ideas with a total of €10,000 in prize money. Two of the winners are Bavarian companies.
With a nationwide business plan competition in the pioneering fields of life science and chemicals, the Science4Life startup initiative has been paving the way to independence for young entrepreneurs since 1998. Established as a non-profit organization in 2003, Science4Life also offers a comprehensive information service consisting of downloads, (online) seminars and special workshops.