FreshDetect participates with a presentation at the user workshop on "Fluorescence-based rapid method for the determination of microbiological contamination".

29.11.2018, Munich (Freising): Innovations and Trends in surface sterilization – User workshop

The 29th November 2018 an userworkshop will take place in Freising. The topic of the event will be “Innovations and Trends in Surface Disinfection” main focused on thermal and non-thermal disinfection processes, antimicrobial surfaces (packaging, work surfaces), detection and validation, industrial requirement for future innovations.

With our first hand-held device for determining the bioburden of raw meat within seconds, we, the FreshDetect GmbH, also want to contribute to Food Safety and their prediction. Dr. Christoph Wienken, Managing Director of Freshdetect GmbH, will present the tecnology in a presentation titled “Fluorescence-based rapid method for determining the microbiological load”. Additional to the presentation, Mr Wienken will be there as visitor and is happy to provide you with further information.

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