Lecture on freshdetect BFD-100 at ICPMF10 .

28.9.-29.9.2017, Cordoba (Spain): Lecture on BFD-100 at ICPMF10

At the 10th International Conference of Predictive Modelling in Food (ICPMF10) in Cordoba (Spain), the University of Bonn presented in a poster presentation results obtained with the hand-held meter frehsdetect BFD-100. The topic was: “Determination of the Total Viable Count on Fresh Meat by a Handheld Fluorescence Spectrometer”.

The research results show that fluorescence spectroscopy can be used to determine the total germ count on fresh meat within seconds sufficiently accurate. Thus, it is a very promising technology for the meat industry, i.e. for incoming and outgoing inspection as well as a process control instrument. The Key Lecture Note by Professor George-John Nychas (University of Athens) also mentioned FreshDetect as an example of a non-invasive and fast measurement method.

The International Committee on Predictive Modelling in Food, which was founded in 2011, has the mission to promote the development of predictive models and to generate new knowledge in the field that are relevant to food stakeholders, risk assessors and governmental authorities. This objective is primarily achieved through advancing the success and sustainability of the biennial ICPMF-conferences.