FreshDetect participates at the Innovations in Food Analytics (IFA) – An International Conference and Expo in Ering next to Munich.

19.–21.09.2018, Erding (Munich): Innovations in Food Analytics (IFA) – An International Conference and Expo

Between 19th and 21st September 2018 the first conference and expo on Innovations in Food Analytics will be held in Erding next to Munich. The conference will focus on the increasing demand for rapid, efficient and reliable testing of food products to ensure consistent quality and to keep track of food safety, since Food analytics, safety and reliability are the most important issues for the food industry and the consumers.

With our first hand-held device for determining the bioburden of raw meat within seconds, we, the FreshDetect GmbH, also want to contribute to Food Safety. At the expo, our R&D team will be discussing about the topic “Process optimization using a fluorescence spectroscopy handheld device for TVC monitoring“. Part of the presentation, will be a demonstration of how this technology works, its limitations and what accuracies currently can be reached. Further, there will be a discussion about various points of use along the value chain of meat production, how an implementation of such a rapid handheld device would be proposed and how such a technology can reshape the way of monitoring and optimizing the meat production. Additional to the presentation, our team will be there as visitors and are happy to provide you with further information.

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