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Lüthi & Portmann

Lüthi & Portmann Fleischwaren AG in Deisswil near Münchenbuchsee (Switzerland) is responsible for fresh meat processing within the Lüthi Group. The Lüthi Group is a unique all-round supplier that has advanced to become the fourth largest meat processor in Switzerland. The high quality of the meat products is proverbial.

Lüthi & Portmann works closely with FreshDetect GmbH to guarantee this even more efficiently and reliably. Lüthi & Portmann uses currently the freshdetect BFD-100 hand-held measuring device to determine the quality of fresh minced meat and pork salmon precisely in a matter of seconds. This ensures optimum quality in all process steps.

“With the BFD-100 from FreshDetect we now guarantee even higher food safety. In view of our high quality standards, FreshDetect enables us to ensure and prove the perfect condition of our products for consumers and inspection authorities at all times. We are open to new technologies and take a pioneering role in Switzerland with the use of this practical and reliable hand-held measuring device.”

Paul Lüthi jun., CEO Lüthi & Portmann Fleischwaren AG, Deisswil near Münchenbuchsee

Agricultural University of Athen

The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) produces scientific knowledge on Greek Agriculture and Economy since 1920. The Laboratory of Microbiology and Biotechnology of Foods (LMBF) of AUA was established in 1994 and the main research activities are focused on Predictive modelling /Risk Analysis in Foods, biofilms control and contribution in using metabolomics as well as sensors (non-destructive approaches e.g. FreshDetect, in the food sector). The last 10 years the activities of LMBF is to identify and easy to fuse simultaneously chemical, biochemical, imaging and spectra indices and establish their applicability as quality monitors for inspection of food (mainly animal origin foods) safety and quality. The first target is to develop an innovative toolbox of computational intelligent decision support schemes for the reliable and inexpensive detection of bacteria associated to meat/fish muscle freshness, spoilage. The second target will be to build an intelligent predictive model for food spoilage and its validation under constant and dynamic temperature storage conditions. Fingerprints acquired from non-destructive instruments such as FreshDetect, can be used to build predictive models, which can be considered useful tools for the food industry to optimize shelf life. FreshDetect instrument will be used in our laboratory not only for the assessment of meat but in a wider range of animal and plant origin foods.


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The Lacon Group is one of Germany’s top 20 service companies and the first stop for wiring harnesses, printed circuit board assembly and equipment manufacture. Extensive know-how and industrial engineering expertise transforms ideas into products. The Lacon Group is certified in fields such as medical technology, rail engineering, automotive and defense technology.

The close partnership with FreshDetect encompasses support during capital procurement and business planning, prototyping and continuous development (enclosure optimization, packaging), hardware and software development, circuit board manufacture and assembly, and device calibration.

“The pioneers at FreshDetect are stirring up the microbiological measurement market. Their product is a genuine “game changer” in the area of food monitoring. No need to send costly samples to the lab, immediate results on demand and no on-going costs! These portable devices are produced and tested by us in line with DIN EN ISO 13485 medical engineering requirements. We are proud to be partnering with FreshDetect and firmly believe in this success story!”

Dr. Ralf Hasler, CEO Lacon Gruppe, Karlsfeld

SLA Software Logistik Artland GmbH

As an IT specialist in the food industry, SLA develops intelligent software and hardware solutions for process optimization along the entire value chain. In addition to the intelligent SLA Connector – the networking tool for all production & logistics components with the ERP system – the solution portfolio also includes the development of smart apps, worldwide web platforms and complete Smart Factory solutions. The focus is always on the requirements for Industry 4.0 and the goal of optimizing workflows with digital support and making them more efficient.

The partnership marks the next logical step in the development of the freshdetect BFD-100 hand-held measuring device. With the FD Connector, powered by SLA, the total viable count measured values from each step of the process chain are integrated into the existing ERP system in real time and can be called up immediately on any end device with browser technology.

“This partnership not only creates transparency along the entire process chain and improves food safety for consumers, it also provides an ideal basis for making decisions at the business level.”

Jörg Brezl, Managing Director of SLA Software Logistik Artland GmbH

Freund UK

Freund UK are equipment suppliers to the meat processing industry in the UK and Ireland. In partnership with Fresh Detect we are currently working on several projects to integrate Fresh Detect technology into the process control systems of the industry.

C5 Surface Technology

C5 Surface Technology has since 2003 been specialized in surface coating for industrial purpose. The range of products is very wide and gives the customer a wide range of possibilities to improve the surface and the char-acteristic of a certain product. We have a large range of FDA approved products.
Nothing is better than pictures in order to illustrate what kind of products we have and for what kind of solutions. But only the human fantasies limit the use of our excellent products, so please ask for further information. Also for the consumer & food Industry we offer a range of interesting solutions.

Just to mentioned a few: Anti scratch, easy to clean, antiseptic, Anti slip, UV filters, high tempera-ture lacquer up to 400 or 600 degrees, Easy to clean surfaces for all type of surfaces. Ask for our FDA APPROVED products.

“BFD-100, the portable measurement device for rapid determining the microbiological quality of meat, is a next step in food quality screening. The device provides a meat products instant bioburden control either at production stage, input quality inspection, transportation or storage, especially important in time-sensitive environment. This creates to our customers additional cost-management options rising meat-products’ processing standards.”

Jesper Rasmussen, Tech Manager at C5 Surface Technology, Dortmund

Kevin Alpina

Kevin Alpina is a family oriented company, started in 1985 focusing on serving Finnish food industry by importing high quality machines and eqpuipment for Finnish food industry. Together with customer we search for best solution to produce food products with best hygienic and taste level. With more than 30 years of experience our main sectors are meat industry from slaughtering through processing to packaging. But serving also other food industry sectors. Today, Kevin Alpina is ran in second generation, with much experience and full of fresh ideas. To serve the customer with best solutions, the FreshDetect devices are perfect for our portfolio serving our customers when they instantly can prove their quality of products.

“Together with Freshdetec we are able to have an influence on the food waste. We have now an easy way to better determine the raw material flow. I think this will have a huge effect on the way we will work in the future towards less food waste.”

Tony Kevin, Sales Manager at Kevin Alpina, Ylöjärvi (Finnland)


EurA AG, with 100 employees spread across six locations, is one of Germany’s most important innovation and technology consulting companies, and the largest coordinator of innovation clusters. Making EurA AG unique is its large pool of engineering/technology and business professionals with extensive practical experience that allow the company to cover a wide range of industries and corporate areas. This includes supporting companies during the introduction of innovative technologies in both domestic and international markets.

One of these is the disruptive measurement process developed by FreshDetect GmbH.


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Food safety is a general term that describes all measures and concepts designed to ensure that food is suitable for consumption and that it does not negatively influence or impact the health of consumers.

The Food Safety Cluster was created with the goal of developing new approaches for improving food safety by collaborating with companies across the entire value chain. The innovation cluster is working together with partners from industry and science, with the assistance of EurA AG as cluster manager, to develop innovative products and processes for the improvement of food safety.

As a member, FreshDetect brings its expertise in the detection of bacterial burden to the cluster and thus plays a key role in attaining the stated goals.

Fleischportal DACH GmbH is a platform of Germany´s meat industry, which is translated into over 50 languages and listed with search engines. The meat-portal is Community No. 1 of meat industry with more than 5,000 subscribers. Present your company with a portrait, pictures and videos (YouTube) in order to reach your customer and prospective clients in a B-to-B and B-to-C environment. The profile of your company will be translated into more than 50 languages and shall be listed in international search engines.

Fleischbranche app includes all topics regarding meat and can be viewed as follows:
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Wir retten Lebensmittel! (We save food!)

To fight food waste, the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry has created the alliance “We save food!” The alliance partners come from the fields of production, processing, food trade, catering and consumer organizations. They are working together to develop a strategy to reduce food losses that takes into account both the high quality demands of consumers and the business reality of companies. As a partner of the alliance, FreshDetect GmbH contributes its experience in the quality control of food as well as its cost-effective measuring method. This method makes it possible for the first time to carry out a comprehensive quality inspection in meat production and thus to process the raw material depending on its quality. This helps producers to extend the best before date and thus avoid food waste.