FreshDetect - a commitment to better food safety

FreshDetect GmbH develops, manufactures and markets compact, easy-to-use instruments for immediately analyzing microbiological quality. Our proprietary, highly-innovative and non-invasive method for testing bacterial burden has the potential to significantly improve quality assurance across the entire food industry value chain.

Our Strengths

Extensive experience in the handling of biological data, an in-depth understanding of the requirements and processes associated with the food industry, hardware and software expertise. These strengths form the foundation of our high-quality products and solutions that meet the customer’s needs.


After a number of rotten meat scandals in the middle of the last decade, politicians have called on a research network consisting of Fraunhofer Institute IZM, Ferdinand Braun Institute, Leibniz Institute and Max Rubner Institute to conduct research into rapid methods to avoid such scandals. The participating scientists used fluorescence spectroscopy to show a connection between bacterial contamination and fluorescence signatures. A subsequent project with medium-sized companies (ZIM project) developed a first prototype. FreshDetect GmbH was founded in 2013 in continuation of the ZIM project and led the handheld device BFD-100 to series production. In the meantime, it has been scientifically proven that freshdetect BFD-100 measures the total bacterial count as well as the temperature and color of the meat within three to five seconds, comparing to laboratory results.

FreshDetect GmbH in one sentence

We develop and distribute the hand-held measuring device freshdetect BFD-100, which enables foodstuffs (currently meat) to be checked for bacteria (total bacterial count) within seconds, safely and inexpensively, thus enabling for the first time comprehensive and preventive “microbiological” quality and process control from slaughter to meat counter.