The future of food product quality control

FreshDetect GmbH develops, manufactures and markets innovative measurement instruments and solutions for fast and reliable quality control for the food industry. Our goal is to supply precise, laboratory-quality and easy-to-use measurement instruments for reliably monitoring the quality and freshness of food products in every step of the value chain. Text

Food safety – fast and reliable

Fluorescence spectroscopy can be used to draw precise, on-the-spot conclusions about the microbiological quality of food during every stage of handling with minimal effort. Compared to the rapid tests that have been available to date, this represents a paradigm change in quality control.

Supplement to conventional laboratory tests

To date, the bacterial contamination of meat has been measured and analyzed in the laboratory by extracting samples. Because this practice is time-consuming and costly, less than .5 percent of the meat that is processed for the production of food is tested for bacterial burden. Furthermore, a regulations-compliant analysis can take up to 72 hours. If contamination is subsequently detected, as a rule the only option is to recall the batch.

The FreshDetect solution

Our rapid test is very easy to use and can supply the total plate count within seconds. The quality and reliability of the measurement results are comparable to conventional laboratory tests. This leads to faster results, broader test coverage and increased objective safety along the entire meat handling chain, all the way to the consumer.